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CSMIO/IP-M 4-Axis Ethernet Motion Controller (Step/Dir) with Connectors, Mach3, Mach4

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CSMIO/IP-M 4-Axis Ethernet Motion Controller (Step/Dir) with Connectors, Mach3, Mach4

Product Description

CSMIO/IP-M product was designed for customers, who are looking for a compromise between advanced CSMIO/IP-S controller and LPT based device or other simple controller boards. The biggest advantages of the CSMIO/IP-M controller is its quality of work and reasonable price.

The main designing assumption was working stability – hence the use of Controller to PC connection via Ethernet (its physical layer is galvanically isolated and protocols we use ensure reliable and fast transmission even in tough industrial environment). Practically any other interface does not provide the continuity and reliability of transmission on such a high level as the ETHERNET. That is why it is currently the worldwide standard for high-speed digital communication.

Another important assumption was simplicity of installation. CSMIO/IP-M does not require any external electronics for proper operation. Inputs/outputs signals are inside optically isolated, filtered, protected against short circuit, overheating etc. All signals are adjusted to industry standard 24V. The device is enclosed in a compact cover, mounted on a DIN-rail, which makes the mechanical and electronic installation in the control cabinet take less time due to its simplicity.
CSMIO/IP-M works with Mach3 program because of its low price, popularity and enormous ability to adapt to specific requirements. As a drives control interface the choice was a popular step/direction (step / dir) standard. It allows controlling both the stepper motor drives and the most modern servo drives. Max. frequency of stop signal is 125 kHz so it is sufficient value for many uses. What is important the controller is responsible for pulses generation, the same it ensures that the signal is stable in the frequency domain and its duty cycle 50%. This enables greater culture of machine work than it is while using LPT based controller.

In the CSMIO/IP-M set you will get:

- CNC CSMIO/IP-M Controller

- Ethernet connection wire

- 1x Phoenix” 3 pin power plug

- CD with electronic version of the user guide and software

- 1xDB25 -> Terminal Block adapter

- 1xDB25 + 1xDB9 -> Terminal Block adapter

- 2xDB25 connection tape (flat cable)

- 1xDB9 connection tape (flat cable)

It can only Slave 1 driver onto A Axis NOT also a B Axis

User Manual

Mach4 plug in:

 CSMIO/IP-M plugin for Mach4 and Mach3


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