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CSMIO/IP-S – 6 Axis Ethernet Motion Controller (STEP/DIR) with Connectors for simCNC and Mach3/Mach4

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CSMIO/IP-S – 6 Axis Ethernet Motion Controller (STEP/DIR) with Connectors for simCNC and Mach3/Mach4

Product Description

CSMIO/IP-S - 6 Axis Ethernet Motion Controller (STEP/DIR) with Connectors for simCNC and Mach3/Mach4

CSMIO/IP-S controller was designed for professional customers, machine manufacturers or advanced hobbyists, who want to equip their machine tool with an efficient, stable and flexible CNC control system for a reasonable price.

The main designing assumption was working stability – hence the PC connection via Ethernet (its physical layer is galvanically isolated and protocols we use ensure reliable and fast transmission even in tough industrial environment). Practically any others interfaces do not provide the continuity and reliability of transmission on such a high level as the ETHERNET. That is why it is currently the worldwide standard for high-speed digital communication.
Another important assumption was simplicity of installation. CSMIO/IP-S does not require any exter-nal electronics for proper operation. Inputs/outputs signals are inside optically isolated, filtered, pro-tected against short circuit, overheating etc. All signals are adjusted to industry standard 24V. The device is enclosed in a compact cover, mounted on a DIN-rail, what makes that mechanical and elec-tronic installation in a control cabinet takes less time and is even simpler.
CSMIO/IP-S product works with Mach3, Mach4  program because of its low price, popularity and enormous ability to adapt to specific requirements. As a drives control interface the choice was a popular step/direction (step / dir) standard. It allows controlling both the stepper motor drives and the most modern servo drives. Frequency of stop signal that reaches to 4MHz allows for taking maximum ad-vantage of stepper division in stepper motors the same reducing resonance and significantly improving performance of propulsion system. It also allows for taking full advantage of encoders with large number of pulses per rotation in servo drives, and the same lets you to achieve such a precision and speed, which previously were unavailable in this price sector.

- CNC CSMIO/IP-S Controller
- 2xDB25 -> Terminal Block adapter
- 2xDB25 + 1xDB9 -> Terminal Block adapter
- Ethernet connection wire
- 4xDB25 connection tape (flat cable)
- DB9 connection tape
-„Phoenix” 3 pin power plug
- CD with electronic version of user guide and firmware

User Manual

Special Features:

  • PC connection via Ethernet.
  • 6 axis controller.
  • STEP frequency up to 4MHz (differential outputs, very resistant to interference).
  • Extremely stable machine speed control, thanks to  FPGA and advanced control algorithms.
  • 32 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs (possibility to extend to 192 inputs / 96 outputs through additional modules).
  • 4 analog inputs / 2 analog outputs (0-10V).
  • All I/O are optically isolated, protected against short circuit, overheating, industry standard - 24V.
  • Up to 3 slave axis support, machine geometry correction.
  • Spindle inverter control through analog outputs.
  • An extension of functionality through additional CanOpen modules.

- CSMIO-IO – module of 16 additional inputs and 8 outputs (24V, optical isolation, overload protection). Possible to connect 10 of these modules.

- CSMIO-JOG – MPG connection modules – smooth control of the machine motion, automatic switching between speed and position mode.

-CSMIO-ENC - module for threading

  • Solid aluminium housing that discharge heat very well and perfectly protects electronic of the device.
  • Comfortable Din-rail mounting.
  • Succesfully developed software and  ability to update it by yourself.
  • Possibility to control all digital and analog signals by VisualBasic macros.
  • Support for FAULT signals of servodrives – machine stops immediately in case of any axis failure.
  • RESET support for axis drives.
  • Readable LED controls on a front panel for easy installation.

CSMIO/IP-A and CSMIO/IP-S support rigid tapping and for that they require:

- CSMIO-ENC module
- incremental encoder with INDEX signal (recommended 10.000 p/rev with all edges), installed on a spindle, spindle pulley 1:1
- VB macro M84 available on our websit

Sample vidoeo of CSMIO/IP user/ rigid tapping:

Why Ethernet, and not LPT or commonly used USB?

Ethernet-based control system has multiple advantages, here are the most notable:
- stable PC-to-controller connection, not available with USB connection (noises)
- distance from the ethernet controller to a machine may be more than 5 meters (as it can't be with USB/LPT controllers)
- up to 6-axis controlled simultaneously
- STEP/DIR signals generation with very high precision, repeatability and frequency.
- large number of fast input and output ports (digital and analog)
- high modular extensibility (I/O as well as specialized, such as JOG) which enables connection of additional devices (such as tool magazines and others) if there are correct scripts written
- system fully adapted to work in industry standards (I/O in 24V standard)


The device is controlled by our own real-time operating system (ProcSequencer).


All of CS-LAB's controllers have bootloader on board, so there is no risk of damaging the device after firmware update fails. The update is performed with aid of the intuitive Firmware Update Utility, it does not require knowledge of a current hardware. If firmware update is available, you can download it from our website.

Plug in:

 CSMIO/IP-M plugin for Mach4 and Mach3

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