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DC Brushless Motor KL34BLS-125 ( Dual shaft)

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The KL34BLS series are standard NEMA 34 interface motors optimized for high output power and high torque density. Their high power density ratio allows a smaller size motor to be used in many applications, saving space and weight.



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DC Brushless Motor KL34BLS-125 ( Dual shaft)

Product Description


Number of poles :     8

Number of phase :   3

Rated voltage:        48VDC

Rated speed:         3000 RPM

Rated torque:       2.1 N.m

Rotor power:      660 W

Peak torque :     6.3 N.m

Peak current:      55 A

Line to line resistance: 0.16 ohms

Line to line inductance: 0.3 mH

Torque constant: 0.11Nm/A

Back E.M.F: 11.5 V/KRPM

Rotor inertia:^2

Body length:  125mm

Mass: 4Kg

Manuals & Downloads
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Wiring with speed controller with C10, this can be controller using Mach3

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