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2-Phase Digital Stepper Drives DMA860E

2-Phase Digital Stepper Drives DMA860E

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2-Phase Digital Stepper Drives DMA860E

Product Description

Leadshine AC/DC Microstepping Stepper Drive,

7.2A Per Phase,

2-Phase Output,

24-70 VAC/24-90 VDC,

Bipolar, Position Mode,

400 to 51200 Steps per Revolution.

Brand Leadshine
Item Stepper drive
Controller Type Microstepping
Voltage Type AC/DC
Amperage Rating 7.2A per phase
Number of Input Phases 1
Number of Output Phases 2
Nominal Input Voltage 24-70 VAC/24-90 VDC
Winding Type Control Bipolar
Output Type MOSFET, dual H-bridge and 4-quadrant output
Steps per Revolution 400 to 51200
Temperature Rating 0 to 65 deg C
Enclosure Type Enclosed
IP Rating IP20
Mounting Panel
Control Mode Position
Command Signal(s)
  • Step and Direction
  • CW/CCW
Number of Discrete Input Points 1
Discrete Input Type Sinking/Sourcing
Tuning Mode Pre-tuned
Idle Current Reduction Yes
Drive Features Anti-resonance (electronic damping) and auto motor matching (self-configuration)
Protection Type(s)
  • Overvoltage
  • Overcurrent
Configuration Rotary dial, dip switches or jumpers


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