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EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit, 400W 220VAC

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EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit, 400W 220VAC

Product Description

AC 220V, No Power Supply, No Breakout Board,  Easy to wire

EtherCAT Servo Driver:  EL7-EC400F  and EtherCAT Servo Motors ELM2H-0400LA60F

Following items are included:

A: 1 Pc EtherCAT Servo Motors ELM2H-0400LA60F 400W

Model Number:  ELM2H-0400LA60F

Motor Specification:

Rated Voltage: 220VAC

Rated Power: 400W

Rated Torque: 1.27 (N.m)

Peak Torque: 4.46 (N.m)

Rated Speed: 3000 RPM

Peak Speed: 6500 RPM

Rated Current: 3.2Amp

Peak Current: 11.2 Amp

Torque Const: 0.4 (N.m/Amp)

Back EMP Const: 23.5 ( V/Krpm)

Resistance: 2.64 Ohm

Inductance: 7.9 mH

Inertia(kg*m2*10-4): 0.56

Poles: 10

Encoder Type: 23 Bit absolute

Protection Level: IP65

B: 1 Pc EtherCAT Servo Driver:  EL7-EC400F  190-240VAC

Model Number: EL7-EC400F

*If you would like to order the Servo Motor Control kit with cable, following cables are included.*

-- 1 Pc Cable-BMA5M0-124-TS "5-Meter encoder cable with battery"

-- 1 Pc Cable-RZ5M0-114- TS-Meter power cable


1 Pc Cable-BMA3M0-124-TS "3-Meter encoder cable with battery" ,

1 Pc Cable-RZ3M0-114 - TS -Meter power cable

If you need the Mach4 license, check the link:

Fully Licensed versions of Mach4, Email you the license.

Check the link to see Video

EtherCAT Video for Maho CNC Conversion from Tony (65)

EtherCAT Video (365)

*One Year Warranty*


Drawing (50 downloads)

Documents (54 downloads)

EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit Wiring Diagram (889 downloads)

XML File for EtherCAT Servo Driver (580 downloads)


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