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GR214V Bulletproof High Resolution Stepper Drive

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GR214V Bulletproof High Resolution Stepper Drive

Product Description

The new GR214V is a virtually indestructible high resolution stepper motor control, capable of up to 256 microsteps (51,200 pulses per revolution) and a maximum power output of 80VDC and 7A. Featuring our new Raptor power package it runs up to 30% cooler without sacrificing any torque. Motor motion remains smooth without any need for user adjustment due to our proprietary first-order and second-order damping algorithms.

The GR214V is here! The updated revision with up to 30% cooler running and even more protection is available for immediate upgrade on your application.

The GR214V is an unkillable, powerful and cost effective FPGA based step motor drive meant for high power applications. Designed from the ground up to eliminate resonance from stepper motors, the GR214V is in a class above competing products.

Proprietary resonance compensation ensures a step motor will move with maximum smoothness and minimum vibration. Using Geckodrive’s resolution upscaling at all speeds means motor smoothness is optimized at all resolutions and velocities. Every microstep is broken down into higher interpolated microsteps to compensate for motor vibration due to coarse microstepping at extremely low speeds. The resolution upscaling will change depending on the microstep resolution chosen via DIP switch to be sure your motor is getting the smoothest possible operation at all times.

Motor current can be set with a tri-mode option, using either an onboard DIP switch, external voltage or external resistor. The GR214V can drive stepper motors ranging from NEMA 8 all the way up to NEMA 42. High speed morphing will get the most torque out of any stepper motor at high speed.

Allowing for drop-in replacement of IM483 and IM805 motor controls means technology upgrades are simple. Competitive pricing allows users to have the latest technology and the best motor performance for very little cost.


Cooler Running: The REV9 update reduces drive heating by up to 30%, allowing for more compact heatsink design

Aggressive Protection: Class-leading short circuit protection makes the GR214V virtually indestructible and a user-replaceable fuse protects against catastrophic failure

Multiple Resolution Options: Fourteen selectable resolutions, from half step to 256 microstep, in both binary and decimal

High Power Operation: Up to 80VDC and 7A with motors from NEMA 8 - 42

Quick Troubleshooting: Push button self-test for fast in-the-field error diagnosis and LED blink codes for error reporting

Independent Axis Standby Adjustment: Adjustable standby current using on board trimpot or external resistor allows for every axis to have a different standby current setting based on load and duty cycle

Extreme Motor Smoothness: Next generation multiband resonance compensation runs a motor smoothly and with no vibration at every speed

FULLSTEP Reporting: Optoisolated Full-Step output sends a pulse out at every full step location on the motor

Sub-Microstepping: Interpolation between each microstep with resolution upscaling for smooth motion at all speeds

High Speed Morphing: Morphing to full step at high speeds increases motor torque output by up to 30% at high speeds

Tuned Out of the Box: Automatic low speed smoothness compensation means the GR214V is ready to run a motor smoothly as soon as it is powered up the first time

I/O Protection and Isolation: Optically isolated inputs and outputs insure that noise is not an issue and that the drive is protected against input spikes

Previous Generation Compatibility: Form, fit, and function compatibility with the discontinued IM805 and IM483 allows for quick technology upgrades

Multiple Connector Options: Available with a vertical or horizontal connector the GR214V can accommodate most space constraints

2017 Golden Mousetrap Award Finalist: Recognized as a breakout product for 2017 by being named as a finalist for a Golden Mousetrap Award.

Full Geckodrive Warranty: Our all encompassing three year warranty makes it easy to keep your investment up and running

More Information
Native Resolution Up to 256
Power Rating 80VDC , 7A maximum
Motor Control Type Stepper
Metal Treatment Anodized Base

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