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G250X Digital Step Driver

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G250X Digital Step Driver

Product Description

60The G250 is one of Geckodrive's low-price, high-quality step motor drives. The G250 is produced using brand new techniques allowing it to  be sold for very low prices in volume while maintaining excellent quality. This is the drive that forms the control interface of the G540 and comes with a 2x15 2.54mm (0.1") header for a connection. 


  Minimum Maximum Units
Supply Voltage 15 50 VDC
Motor Current 0 3.5 A
Power Dissipation 1 3 W
Temperature 0 70 °C
Humidity 0 95 %
Motor Inductance 1 50 mH
Input Frequency 0 250 kHz
Step Pulse “0” Time 2 uS
Step Pulse “1” Time 1 uS
Direction Setup

(Before step rising edge)

200 nS
Direction Setup

(Hold after pulse rising edge)

200 nS
Signal Voltage 3.3 5 VDC
Weight 1.3 oz

G250 Manual

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