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NEMA 24 Closed Loop Stepper Motor Kit: 425 oz-in, 8mm Shaft

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NEMA 24 Closed Loop Stepper Motor Kit: 425 oz-in, 8mm Shaft

Product Description

NEMA 24 Closed Loop Stepper Kit Includes:

  • One Closed Loop Stepper Driver KL-5080D4/CS-D508
  • One NEMA24 Closed Loop Stepper Motor CS-M22430, Shaft Size 8MM
  • One Encoder Cable, 3 meter
  • One Motor Power Cable, 3 meter

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1. KL-5080D4/CS-D508

KL-5080D4/CS-D508 is a closed loop stepper drive. When used to drive a 2-phase stepper motor in frame sizes NEMA 8, 17, 23, or 24 with incremental rotary encoder, it can close the position loop between the motor and drive and therefore eliminate the loss of step problem in an open loop system.

Feature of KL-5080D4/CS-D508:

  • Step & direction or CW/CCW control modes
  • Supply voltage of 20-50 VDC, maximum output current of 8.0A
  • Powering 2-phase stepper motors of NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17, 23, and 24
  • Fault output, brake control, or in-position output.
  • No lose of steps for closed position loop
  • No tuning
  • No overshooting
  • No torque margin
  • Reduced motor heating and more efficient
  • Smooth motion and super-low motor noise
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant


The KL-5080D4/CS-D508 closed loop stepper drive is suggested to be implemented along with a compatible 2-phase stepper motor (usually NEMA 17, 23 and 24) with 1000-line encoder. That closed stepper system can be used to upgrade open loop stepper systems or replace some servo systems, especially in many small to median speed applications such as CNC routers, CNC mills, CNC laser cutters, CNC plasmas, lab automation instruments, electronic equipment, small packaging machines, etc.

2. CS-M22430 

The CS-M22430 is a 2 phase stepper motor with 3 N.m (425 oz-in) holding torque and integrated with a 1,000 line (4,000 counts/revolution) differential ended rotary encoder. Build with high quality materials including bearings and shaft made by Japanese manufacturers, this closed loop stepper motor can be adopted in many industrial applications with excellence performance such as high precision, low motor heating, and low vibration.

Model: CS-M22430
Frame Size: NEMA 24 (60mm)
Phase: 2
Step Angle: 1.8°
Accuracy: ±0.9°
Length: 107 mm (4.21 inch)
Number of Wires: 4
Holding Torque: 3N.m (425 oz-in)
Phase Current: 5 A/Phase
Encoder Resolution: 1000 Line (4000 counts/per revolution)
Voltage: 2.3 V
Resistance: 0.46 Ω
Inductance: 2 mH
Rotor Inertia: 0.69 kg-cm2 (0.00977 oz-in-sec2 )
Shaft Size: 8 mm (0.315 inch)
Shaft Type: Single
Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 lb)
Insolation Class: B
Insolation resistance: Min 100 MΩ,500 VDC)
Operating Temperature: -10 - 50°C (14 - 122°F)
Temperature Rise (Max): 80K
Radial Play: Max 0.02 mm with 450g load
Axial Play: Max 0.08 mm with 900g load

Encoder Connection

EA+: BLK,   EB+: YEL,  5V: RED

EA-: BLU,    EB-: GRN,  GND: WHT

Motor Connection

A+: BLK, A-: RED, B+: YEL, B-: GRN

Driver Specification & Downloads

KL-5080D4 Manual (873 downloads)

Motor Specification & Torque Curve Downloads

CS-M22430 Drawing & Torque Curve (208 downloads)

One year warranty

If you need calibration cable for driver: Calibration Cable

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