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Metal Welding Robotic Arm

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Metal Welding Robotic Arm

Product Description


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Item Included:

1. Robot Body

  • 6 Axis
  • Work Radius: 1455mm
  • Hollow Structure
  • Payload: 10kg
  • Qin ChuanRV reducer for J1-J3
  • Laifual harmonic reducer for J4-J5
  • 6 servo driver and motors

2.  Electricity Cabinet

  • 6 Axis servo driver
  • Power supply wire 6m
  • Teach pendant with 6m wire
  • Robot body cables 5m

3. Welding Part

  • 1pc Anti-collision torch (10 pieces of contact tip: 5pcs of 1.0mm and 5 pcs of 1.2mm)
  • 1pc Welder (Megmeet CM350, ground wire 3m, positive line 3m)
  • 1pc Wire feeder (Adapted 1.2mm/1.0mm wire)
  • 1pc Wire reel bracket
  • 1pc Wire reel

4. Robot Base

5. Positioner

  • With 1.6kw servo driver and motor

If you need torch cleaning station with support bracket, contact us for the price!

One Year Warranty.


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