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NEW 130W-150W CO2 Laser Power Supply

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NEW 130W-150W CO2 Laser Power Supply

Product Description


Model: HY-DY20


It will work with W6/Z6/S6 and W8/Z8/S8 Reci  Co2 Laser Tubes  etc

Input Voltage: 110VAC

AC Frequency: 47 ~ 440 Hz

Max Output Voltage: 50 KV

Max Output Current: 35 mA

Size(mm): 313 * 200 * 82

Weight(kg): 3.14

Efficiency: 90%

MTBF: >=10000 hours

Response Speed: ≤ 1 ms

Voltage Range:  High-Level ≥3 V

Low-Level ≤ 0.7 V

Environment: -10° ~ +40°

Cooling: Forced air colling (fan cooling)

High Temperature Test: Full Load / 60° / 12 hours

Start / Stop Test: 500 times 7 seconds


Zero-current half-bridge soft-switching circuit. High efficiency and fast response. Mach various manufactures of laser tubes.

Simple Port Control, TTL level signals can control the laser start/stop.

Protection switch is to check the out side water, ventilation, etc.

Laser power adjustment: input 0V to 5V analog signal, can also input PWM signal.

Open Circuit Protection Function: Avoid the damage to laser power supply due to laser tube burst.

Factory aging test: 1. Each power supply will go through 60 ℃ and 12 hours aging test under full load. 2. 500 times 7 seconds start / stop test.

One Year Warranty

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