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NEMA34 EtherCAT Closed Loop Stepper Motor System,1128 oz-in

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NEMA34 EtherCAT Closed Loop Stepper Motor System,1128 oz-in

Product Description

NEMA 34 EtherCAT Closed Loop kit:

1pc EtherCAT Closed Loop Driver CS3E-D1008

1pc NEMA34 KL34-8N-1000 Hybrid Servo Motor

3 meter Cable Set


A: CS3E-D1008 EtherCAT Closed Loop Driver:

Model: CS3D-D1008
Phase: 2
Control Mode: EtherCAT
Input Voltage Range: 30 - 100 VDC or 20 - 80 VAC
Suggested Power Supply Voltage Range: 36 - 92 VDC
Software Cofig. Current Range: 0.5 - 8.0 A (default by 8.0 A, increased by 0.1 A)
Switch Functions: 0 - 255 node ID
Communication Type: Micro-USB for tuning, EtherCAT for networking control
# of Digital Inputs: 7
Digital Inputs: Touch probe, limit switch signal, origin signal and GPIOs
# of Digital Outputs: 7
Digital Outputs: Fault outout, in position and GPIOs, and special brake output(24V / 500mA)
Operation Mode: CSP, PP, PV, HM
Protection: Over current; over voltage; chip error; motor cable error; ROM error; auto-tuning error; position following error;
Environment: Avoid dust, oil fog and corrosive gases
Operating Temperature: 0 - 50 °C
Humidity: 40 - 95% RH
Vibration: 5.9 m/s2 Max
Storage Temperature: -20 - 65°C
Mechanical: 151.0 * 113.0 * 40.0 mm
Weight: 850g

B: NEMA34 Hybrid Servo Motor, KL34-8N-1000, 1/2" Shaft

Rated Torque 1128 oz-in, 8 N-m, with Encoder 1000 line

Motor Specification:

KL-34-8N-1000 (6060 downloads)


Hybrid Servo Motor (13645 downloads)

Driver User Manual:

CS3E-D1008 Driver User Manual (152 downloads)

XML File:

ESI file or XML file of the CS3E drives (124 downloads)

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