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Metal Laser Cladding Machine 3050 – Contact us for the price!

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Metal Laser Cladding Machine 3050 – Contact us for the price!

Product Description

Metal Laser Cladding Machine  3050 - Contact us for the price!

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  • Small Heat Input and Deformation
  • Selective Local Repair
  • Lower Repair Costs
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL certifications
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Technical Support


3050 ultra-high-speed metal laser cladding machine is a self-developed ultra-high-speed laser remanufacturing equipment. The machine tool can meet the application requirements of coating manufacturing and quick repair of shaft parts of various specifications. The workbench is made of high-strength and high-quality cast iron materials to ensure the stability and accuracy of the machine tool. The high-speed rotating headstock adopts stepless speed change design, which is simple and quick to operate. It has a follow-up powder receiving tray design, which is convenient for quick powder collection.

Technical Parameters of Metal Laser Cladding Machine  3050

Model  3050
Laser Power 1.5kw/2kw/3kw/4kw/6kw
Powder Feeder Double barrel pneumatic powder feeding
Cladding Head High speed annular nozzle + powder distributor
Thickness of Single Layer 0.1-1.5mm
Deposition Efficiency 0.3-1.0 ㎡/h
Substrate Dilution Rate <5%
Powder Cathment Efficiency >90%
Control System K1000MFi(KND servo bus control system)
Drive System KND Servo Motor
Effective Stroke(Customizable) X 500mm
Y 500mm
Z 3000mm
C 360° continuous rotation
Rotation Axis B(Customizable) Diameter of Chuck φ500mm(Three-jaw self-centering)
Chuck Clamping Range Φ25-φ500mm
Maximum Rotary Diameter of Workpiece Φ800mm
Maximum Length of Clamping Workpiece 3m
Maximum Load Capacity 3t
 Spindle Speed 200r/min (infinitely variable speeds)
Maximum Speed of Fast Movement X 18m/min
Y 20m/min
Z 12m/min
Triaxial Repeated Positioning Accuracy 0.04mm
Adjustable Angle of Axis A of Cladding Head (Manual) ±30°
Powder Collection Device Follow-up powder tray
Power Supply Voltage AC380V/50Hz
Total Weight 8t

Main Features of Metal Laser Cladding Machine  3050

1. Mechanical Assembly of Metal Laser Cladding Machine

The mechanical assembly of the cladding machine tool is mainly composed of the bed base, the headstock, the column and the beam. Among them, the bed base and headstock are made of high-strength cast iron, which is rough-processed after annealing to eliminate internal stress, and finished after secondary vibration aging treatment. The whole machine has high rigidity and good shock absorption.

2.High-Speed Laser Cladding Head

The high-speed laser cladding head is equipped with a ring-shaped high-speed cladding nozzle, which can realize the high-efficiency and high-precision cladding processing of the workpiece. The internal structure of the cladding head is completely enclosed to prevent the optical part from being polluted by dust. At the same time, it has a wealth of focused configurations and can be customized to meet the needs of different customers.

3.Double-Barrel Powder Feeder

The double-barrel powder feeder can realize long-distance powder transportation and meet the requirements of three-dimensional laser cladding and laser rapid prototyping. The system has a hardware failure self-detection function, which can send out alarm information in time when a failure occurs, which is safe and reliable.

Laser Cladding VS Other Processing Method

Laser cladding Spraying Galvanizing Overlaying Welding
Coating Layer Thickness 0.1-10mm 0.1-5mm 0.1-100μm 0.1-several mm
Workpiece Deformation Small Small Small Big
Bonding Form with Substrate Metallurgical Bonding Metallurgical Bonding Metallurgical Bonding Metallurgical Bonding
Bonding Strength High Relatively Low Low High
Coating Layer Hardness Controllable Controllable High Controllable

Application of Metal Laser Cladding Machine  3050

Metal Laser Cladding Machine  3050 can repair wear, corrosion, breakage, scratches, scratches, casting defects of various mechanical equipment. Cladding various metals, non-metallic materials such as tungsten carbide and ceramic powder. The surface of the substrate can be modified by acid and alkali – resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance.

Five Star Fast Service System

1. High efficiency

  • 24 hours a day (mainly for international), 7 days a week, 365 days a year at any time to receive repair calls;
  • Within 10 minutes, technical engineers will consult, fix maintenance plan in one hour, and send engineers in one working day.

2. After-sale service

  • The seller provides one time free installation and training in buyer’s factory. Seller pays for the airplane tickets and salary for engineers, buyer should provide accommodation and food to engineers.
  • The seller will provide technical guide’s e-mail, telephone, WeChat, WhatsApp and so on.
  • The seller should pay for the travel expense if local service needed within warranty time.

3. Warranty

  • The warranty of laser source is 1 years.
  • The warranty of the machine is 1 years (main spare parts), except for the consumable parts such as ceramic ring, focus lens, nozzle etc. Warranty counts from the date marked on the label of the laser source and machine.
  • Except the damage artificially, seller is responsible for offering the fittings free of charge during the warranty period.

4. Worry-free

  • Pre-sale service: theoretical + practical operation training, self-diagnosis training for common faults, guidance for quick repair of difficult faults, and warning of matters needing attention in use;
  • Regular service: regular maintenance reminder, regular door-to-door service, regular promotional activities;
  • Value-added services: equipment software and hardware upgrading services, financial leasing services, delayed warranty service.

5. Field Service

Our branches in United States, Germany, India, Pakistan, Serbia provide localized services and technical support for global customers.

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