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Laser Machine, 150W, 98.4″ x 49.2″, Metal and Nonmetal

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Laser Machine, 150W, 98.4″ x 49.2″, Metal and Nonmetal

Product Description

150W CO2 Metal Non Metal Laser Cutting Machine KL-1325  (Color: White + Tangerine)


(1). Working Size: 1300*2500mm. ( 51.2” x 98.4”)

(2). 150W Yongli Mixed co2 Laser Tube, Rated Power: 150w, Max Power: 170w, 12-months warranty.

(3). Height-adjustable mixed cutting laser head, auto-focus function, screw transmission on z-axis, it could automatically adjust height between itself and metal materials, switch to control metal or non metal cutting;

(4). Stable laser path, 5 reflector mirrors + 1 focal len.

(5). Taiwan PMI screws, Japan Panasonic Servo Motors, Y axis: 2000W, X axis: 750W.

(6). Ruida Metalcut software, it could be embeded into Coreldraw, CAD, Tajima, all type of AutoCad softwares, RDC6332M control panel.

(7). CW5200DH water chiller, 2 exhaust fans of 550W, air compressor 195W, which could connect oxygen bottle.


cut off metal materials, carbon steel, stainless steel.

cut off non-metal materials, acrylic, plywood, wood, MDF, paper, plastic, rubber, etc.

150w co2 laser could cut off carbon steel 1.2mm, stainless steel 1.2mm, acrylic 20mm, MDF 10mm, etc.
300w co2 laser could cut off carbon steel 3mm, stainless steel 2mm, acrylic 30mm, MDF 20mm, etc.

Packing list:
Whole machine.
Laser tube.
One air pump 195w.
2 exhaust fans.
Tool box (tools, instruction book, videoes of machine installing and matainence ...).
Air hoses and lock rings of air hoses.
Water chiller.

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