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Custom Fiber Laser Cutting Service

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Custom Fiber Laser Cutting Service

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Fiber Laser Cutting Service

(949)690-9095 / automationtechinc@yahoo.com

Our 2KW fiber laser can cut up to 1/2"or 16mm carbon steel, 1/4" or 6mm stainless, 1/8" or 4mm aluminum, and 0.1'' or 3mm brass.

We are able to achieve roughly ±0.003'' accuracy for large production runs and for smaller high precision needs we can achieve ±0.001'' accuracy.

We can also do light engravings for marking.

Our shop is located in Streamwood, IL. Bring or ship your material to us, provide  the DXF cutting file, we can cut for you!

Technical Parameters of the Machine

Model SF1313G fiber laser cutter
Working Area(mm) 1300 * 1300
X-axis Travel 1300mm
Y -axis Travel 1300mm
Z -axis Travel 120mm
Laser Power 2000W
Maximum velocity of movement 80m/min
X/Y Axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy ± 0.02mm
Application Materials
Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, galvanized steel, silicon steel plate, electrolytic plate, titanium alloy, manganese alloy.

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