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Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine – 3015A 1KW-4KW

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Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine – 3015A 1KW-4KW

Product Description

Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine – 3015A 1KW-4KW

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  • Power: 1,000 – 4,000 watts range (1.5kW-4kW)
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL certifications
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Technical Support

Check out this 1-4kw beautiful laser cutter with an exchangeable table. With this laser cutting machine, you can load a metal sheet while the machine is working on a current sheet. Once a job is done, it exchanges sheets within 15 secs. That way you can continue cutting while cleaning up the remains of your previous worksheet. This should greatly increase production and efficiency.

Technical Parameters
Model 3015A/4020A/6020A
laser metal cutter
Working Area(mm) 3000 * 1500 /4000 * 2000 /6000* 2000
/6000* 2500 /8000 * 2500
X-axis Travel  1500mm/2000mm/2500mm
Y -axis Travel 3000mm/4000mm/6000mm/8000mm
Z -axis Travel 365mm
Laser Power  1kw/1.5kw/2kw/3.3kw/4kw
Maximum velocity of movement 135m/min
X/Y Axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy ± 0.02mm

Cutting material and thickness

Material 1000w 1500w 2000w 3300w 4000w
Carbon steel(mm) 0.4-12 0.4-16 0.4-18 0.4-20 0.4-25
Stainless steel(mm) 0.4-5 0.4-6 0.4-8 0.4-12 0.4-12
Brass (mm) 0.4-3 0.4-5 0.4-6 0.4-8 0.4-8
Aluminum (mm) 0.4-3 0.4-6 0.4-8 0.4-10 0.4-12

Product Features

1) Automatic obstacle avoidance
When the cutting head senses the raised part, it will automatically avoid, to protect the laser cutting head, also can improve the work efficiency;
2) Laser source
Now SENFENG LASER can use Raycus and IPG laser source. IPG is the Germany brand, higher price. Raycus is Chinese most popular brand, now is using widely in fiber laser machines. Price is lower than IPG, and service is more quickly. We also have self-developed laser source. For lower power such from 1000w-4000w, we can provide SENFENG brand laser source.
3) Machine bed
The machine body is plate welding model. Hans’, BYSTRONIC, they are using plate welding machine body now. Heavy duty structure, with strength steel welded structure, and the internal stress is eliminated by annealing. It can be keep the shape more than 10 years. High stability reliability.

Industry Application

Application in automobile industry, sheet metal industry, furniture industry, advertising industry, etc.

Application Materials

3015A sheet metal laser cutter is used to cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass and other steel. For more details, welcome to contact us!


1) Equipped with showroom, sales manager, engineers and machine.

2) Price, stateside Tech-Support, Components, Capabilities, and Warranty that is likewise protected under USA Trade Law, as most of our competitors do not have USA Legal or Tech presence as we do.


1) Provide corresponding guidance and equipment information according to customer’s development needs;

2) Solve problems based on the feasibility and development requirements of local market;

3) Provide large-scale optical fiber equipment exhibition hall for customers to confirm the strength of our company.


1) The seller provides one-time free installation and training service at buyer’s factory, as well as the airplane tickets and salary for engineers. The buyer should provide accommodation and food to engineers.

2) The seller provides technical guide’s e-mail, telephone, Wechat, Whatsapp and so on.

3) The seller shall pay for the travel expense if local service needed within warranty time.

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