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G0704 CNC Mill with Ethernet Connection

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G0704 CNC Mill with Ethernet Connection

Product Description

We changed the G0704 Drill/Mill with Stand to a CNC Mill

It is assembled and tested.

Grizzly raised the price of the machine. So we had to as well.

This NEW machine includes:

3 C7 ball screws 16mm X 5mm pitch

3 Double ball nuts for minimal backlash

2 nema 23 motors for X & Y 570 oz/in 5A 1/4" Dual Shaft Stepper Motors.

1 nema 34 motor for Z. 1200 oz/in 6A stepper motor

Limit switches for all axis'

ESS  controller

Control software is Mach4 software. It can be viewed HERE

The software comes with a Dell touch screen Laptop with everything set up.

Zero backlash helical couplings for X, Y & Z

All aluminum parts anodized to be scratch and corrosion resistant.

All stainless steel hardware.

It also includes the stand.

The machine has been proven in. The motors tuned and set. Tuned for no backlash. It is plug and play for your convenience.

This comes with a one year full warranty on everything but the laptop.

Right now we have a machine in stock and ready to ship!

G0704 Features:

Dovetail column
Safety shut off switch
Spindle speed DRO
Fine feed head control
2-Speed gearbox
Clear guard on spindle
Rubber chip guards on ways
Zero setting dials
Dials read inches
Forward/Reverse switch
Floor-to-table height: 37-1/2"
Stand footprint: 15-3/4" x 16-1/2"


Motor: 1 HP, 110V, 12A, single-phase
Spindle taper: R-8
Spindle travel: 2"
T-slots: 3 @ 2-1/2" centers, 7/16" wide
Head travel: 11"
Head tilt: 90° L/R
Max. distance spindle to table: 13"
Swing: 15"
Table travel (longitudinal): 18-7/8"
Table travel (cross): 6-7/8"
Table size: 7-1/16" x 26-5/8"
Spindle Speed: 50–2250 RPM
Approximate shipping weight: 363 lbs.

There are many Videos from Youtube

Check these from n1bpd

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