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C32S – Dual Port Multifunction Board

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C32S – Dual Port Multifunction Board

Product Description


  • Connects directly to the Smooth Stepper (from Warp9).
  • IEEE 1284 Standard compatible
  • Built-in PWM-Based Speed Control.
  • Built-in Isolated DC-DC converter for analog output voltage.
  • Two Built-in Electro Mechanical Relays with NO and NC positions for spindle control.
  • RJ45 Connector for Easy VFD Connection.
  • Monitors E-Stop, Safety Charge Pump and Drivers.
  • Monitors VFD alarm signal.
  • Enables and disable the drivers.
  • Electromechanical Relay with NO and NC positions for general purpose (Pin 2_16 or Pin 2_17, jumper-selectable).
  • Microcontroller based SCHP.
  • RJ45 connectors for all I/Os.
  • Easy Connections with CNC4PC relay boards and speed control boards.
  • Connects 4 and 6 axis pendants (MPG2, MPG12, and MPG8)
  • Opt-isolated inputs.
  • Works with regular parallel ports.
  • All TTL 5VDC signals.
  • Buffered outputs.
  • Status LEDs on all inputs and output connections.
  • Works directly with popular CNC hardware and software.
  • 34 inputs and outputs.

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