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C3 – Index Pulse Card

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C3 – Index Pulse Card

Product Description

Reads an Index Pulse from the Spindle. Easily reads a signal that can be used as a tachometer, or to control threading.

Easy Connections.Just Put the Photo-Transistor in place, connect it to a power source and attach the signal output pin to an input pin from the parallel port. Router.

Works With the Parallel Port Board. Connect easily with the Parallel Interface Board, or any port pin.

Can be used as an Optical Limit or Home Switch. You can place the photo transmitter at the end of travel of an axis to use it as a limit or home switch.

Has a LED that shows the status of the output pin. This eases the installation, configuration.

Comes with pre-wired 6' shielded cable and photosensor.

Comes with an RJ45Connector fast installation. With this connector you just have to plug in an standard RJ45 cable and will not require further wiring.


-Threading on a Lathe.Configure a tachometer on your software.Use per-rev speed feeds, instead of per-min.

- Installing and index pulse on your axis, for accurate homing.


Max Speed 15Khz
Photo Coupled Interrupter  ECG3100

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