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DC Brushless Driver for KL23BLS-95 (36ZWSK15-N-406-Z)

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DC Brushless Driver for KL23BLS-95 (36ZWSK15-N-406-Z)

Product Description

The driver will drive, 36ZWSK15-N-406-Z DC brushless motors at currents up to 15A and 36VDC ( 45V max). A constant velocity mode can be selected by using hall sensor feedback. An internal potentiometer is included on the driver to control the speed of the motor. An external voltage of 0-5V can also be used to control the speed. The direction of the motor is specified by direction control input.


1: Short Circuit Protection
2: Requires 24-36VDC
3: 2-Quadrant Operation
4: Multiple Mounting Option
5: Both internal or External Potentiometer Control
6: Hall Sensor Feedback

Motor Wiring with speed controller

2-Quadrant BLDC speed driver ver. 36ZWSK15-B-804 (908)

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