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Commercial Grade Plasma Tables 4 x 8

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Commercial Grade Plasma Tables 4 x 8

Product Description

Commercial Grade Plasma Tables More Affordable Then Ever Before

This machine is designed to create the best cut quality possible from an air plasma system at a very affordable price and also withstand the most abuse in a commercial environment. With the 3:1 planetary gear reduction, this machine gets much better resolution than direct drive for getting that perfect cut when needing that detailed work in thinner material as well.


Fully welded and powder coated frame

Side Load Capability

3:1 Planetary Gear Reduction Units on X & Y Travel 

Rack and Pinion Drive

Nema 23 620 in/oz Stepper Motors

6" Travel Ball Screw Z-Axis

Collision Detection Torch Mount

**Router Mount and Software Option (Ask us for details)

New Windows 10 Computer and Controller Station

Proximity Sensors for Homing

Water bed

Dual drive Y-axis

Hardened V-Rail X-Axis and Linear SG-35 Y-Axis Travel with automatic rail wipers as it travels

**Ohmic touch off along with floating head

**New Windows 10 OS Laptop

**Integrated THC

**THC Anti-Dive function

**New integrated CAM module, MyMiniCAM, for fast loading and editing of paths within the motion control software. Sheetcam still included for more precise drawings

** New motion control software, MyPlasm CNC, designed by Proma. Steering away from parallel port, refurbished computers, outdated software, and unreliable UC100 connectors. USB interface

Inkscape and QCAD CAD software


PlayStation controller compatible software

2 Year Warranty (Extended Warranty Available)

Our motion control software, MyPlasma CNC  has a few key features including sending G-Code to the control box before starting the cut. This feature gets rid of the issue of any interference from the computer during the cut. 

The built in CAM software also makes it very quick to edit cutting speeds, offsets, scaling, lead in and lead outs, and more. No longer needing to leave the motion control software to edit some of your cut paths

Hypertherm plasma cutter and an air compressor ( 6cfm @ 90 psi) are additional

3-4 week

Additional Details