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THC-2 Plasma Torch Height Control

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THC-2 Plasma Torch Height Control

Product Description

This module allows you to control the height of the plasma torch head relative to the workpiece during plasma CNC operation, it supports either raw torch head voltage or input of 0-10VDC, the ARC OK, UP and DOWN outputs are isolated.


  • Optoisolated output working at 5 to 24VDC or open collector
  • Built-in Voltage Divider for connecting to the voltage on the torch or can use the 0-10VDC from a voltage divider from the plasma.
  • LCD Screen.
  • 10 to 30VDC Power Terminal (+24 Typical).
  • Isolated Power Connection.
  • A magnetic base can be placed anywhere on the machine's steel surface.
  • Includes 14' Ethernet Cable.
  • Din Rail Mountable.
  • Divider input (16:1 - 20:1 - 40:1 - 50:1 - 1:1)

Note: This unit is not compatible with High-Frequency Plasma Cutters.

Product Manual:

pdf User manual

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