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TMC 3 in1–Torch & Motion Controller 3 in1

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TMC 3 in1–Torch & Motion Controller 3 in1

Product Description

Plasma W/THC-5 Axis Breakout Board - Spindle Controller



The TMC3in1 is a Torch Height Controller, has 8 additional outputs (for up to 4 motors/axes) and 2 additional opto-isolated inputs rolled into a single break out board that plugs on top of the ESS .

Since the TMC3in1 commands velocities directly to the ESS, this allows it to have 6 forms of Anti Dive that can be automatically generated for you with the SheetCam post processor:

  • Anti Dive Mode 1: THC delay time After Arc Okay
  • Anti Dive Mode 2: Enable Disable THC with M62/M63.  This allows SheetCam to place GCode commands to say when THC should be enabled and when THC should be disabled.
  • Anti Dive Mode 3: When the velocity is slower than the commanded feedrate, THC is automatically disabled to prevent diving at corners and the start or end of cuts.
  • Anti Dive Modes 4: Voltage based rules to prevent diving into a pre-cut line while still responding to bent or inclined metal.
  • Anti Dive Mode 5: This allows for fine-tuning to prevent diving into pre-cut lines or diving due to surface contamination of the metal.
  • Anti Dive Mode 6: This prevents the torch from rising (and then later diving) when the material warps up towards the torch.

The TMC3in1 requires an Ethernet SmoothStepper (ESS) motion controller from Warp9 Tech Design as its motion controller in Mach4 (recommended) or Mach3

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