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400W NEMA24 Integrated Servo Motor 14mm Shaft Size

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400W NEMA24 Integrated Servo Motor 14mm Shaft Size

Product Description

The integrated servo motor is a 60mm frame size low-voltage servomotor integrated with a 17bit encoder and a servo drive. At very compact size and with all components integrated, can save mounting space, eliminate encoder connection & motor wiring time, reduce interference, and cut/reduce cable and labor costs.

iSV2-RS6040V48H Integrated Servo Motor Features:

  • Power range: 400w
  • Frame size: 60mm
  • Voltage input: 24-70V dc
  • Rated voltage: 48Vdc
  • Encoder: 17bit incremental
  • Motor without brake
  • 2.5 – 3 times overload
  • 4 programmable input
  • 2 programmable output
  • Configuration with Motion Studio based on RS232
  • Modbus RTU based on RS485 communication
  • Communication Rate : 2400bps/4800bps/9600bps/19200bps/38400bps/57600bps/115200bps
  • Up to 32 axes supported in one network
Input Voltage(Vdc): 24-70
Rated Power(W): 400
Rated Torque(N.m): 1.27
Peak Torque(N.m): 3.81
Rated Speed(rpm): 3000
Peak Speed(rpm): 4000
Rated Voltage(Vdc): 48
Weight(kg): 1.5
Continuous Current(Amp): 10
Peak Current(Amp): 28
Back EMF Const(V/krpm): 8.3
Inertia(kg*m2*10-4): 0.58
Logic Signal Current(mA): 10
Isolation Resistance(MΩ): 100
Control method: IGBT PWM sinusoidal Wave Drive
Overload: 250% - 300%
Brake resistor: External connection
Protection level: IP20


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