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Integrated CANbus DC Servo Motor 400W, 4000RPM

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Integrated CANbus DC Servo Motor 400W, 4000RPM

Product Description

CANbus integrated servo is a special motion control product designed for machines and applications that request a best balance between outstanding and reasonable cost. Based on CIA DS 301+DSP 402 sub-protocol, it can be seamlessly connected to the controller/drive that supports this standard protocol.

CANopen Communication:

  • Link Layer Protocol: CAN Field-bus.
  • Application Layer Protocol: CANopen Protocol.
  • CAN-ID Type: CAN 2.0A.
  • Communication Rate : 1M/500k/250k/100k/50k/20k bit/s.
  • Sub-protocol: DS301 V4.02 , DSP 402 V2.0.
  • PDO Transmission Modes: Time trigger/event. trigger/asynchronization/synchronization.
  • Control Mode: Profile position, Profile velocity , Profile torque, homing.

Basic Specification:

  • Frame Size: 60mm
  • Voltage Input: 24-70Vdc
  • Encoder: 17bit incremental
  • Motor without brake
  • 2.5 – 3 times overload
  • 4 programmable input
  • 2 programmable output
  • RS232 for configuration

Part Number                             KL-7028CO
Rated Power(W)                               400
Rated Torque(Nm)                           1.27
Peak Torque(Nm)                             3.81
Rated Speed(rpm)                             3000
Peak Speed(rpm)                               4000
Rated Voltage(Vdc)                           48
Weight(kg)                                           1.25
Inertia(Kg.cm2)                                  0.58
Torque(Nm/A)                                    0.127
Input Voltage(V)                                24~70
Continuous Current(Arms)                10
Peak Current(A)                                    28
Logic Signal Current(mA)                   10
Isolation Resistance(MΩ)                   100
Protection Level                     IP54 for motor, IP20 for drive


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One year warranty

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