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TinyG NEMA23 425 oz-in 3 axis Kit (without TinyG)

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TinyG NEMA23 425 oz-in 3 axis Kit (without TinyG)

Product Description

TinyG NEMA23 280 oz-in 3 axis Kit:

TinyG Board Current Version is not included, you can get from manufacture :

Download Wiring Diagram here:

3 pcs NEMA23  425 oz/in 2.8A 1/4″ Dual Shaft Stepper Motor: KL23H286-20-8B

You can order a Stepper Motor to have a TinyG NEMA23 425 oz-in 4 axis Kit

1 pcs 24V/8.3A Switching CNC Power Supply

if you need a 110V ac fan

Free Software to use for TinyG

Video ( Examples):

TinyG  Main Features:

Full, integrated motion control system with embedded microcontroller (Atmel ATxmega192) and 4 stepper motor drivers (TI DRV8811) integrated on a ~4 inch square board
Accepts Gcode from USB port and interprets it locally on the board
6-axis control (XYZ + ABC rotary axes)
Acceleration planning performed using constant jerk motion equations (3rd order S curves) for very smooth and fast motion transitions for lines and arcs
Very smooth step pulse generation using phase-optimized, smart oversampling, fractional step DDA running at 50 Khz with very low jitter (<<1uSec)
Networkable via RS485 to support motion peripherals and for networking mutliple boards for multi-axis systems and for really interesting projects (up to 1000 stepper axes)
Stepper drivers handle 2.5 amps per winding which will handle most motors up thru NEMA23 and some NEMA34 motors.
Micro-stepping up to 1/8 (optimized DDA makes this smoother than many 1/16 implementations)

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