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VICTOR VC2002 Function Generator

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VICTOR VC2002 Function Generator

Product Description

VICTOR VC2002 Function Generator

VC2002 function generator comes with an AC power cable, BNC test leads and instructions. The system is brand new in the original box.

VC2002 Function Generator:

·The instrument is an accurate testing instrument.

·It can output the function wave: sine wave, square wave, rectangle wave, sawtooth wave and triangle wave.

·The frequency, amplitude and duty cycle can be adjusted continuously.

·Frequency range: 0.2-0MHz

·5-digit LED frequency display, 3-digit LED amplitude display synchronously.

·Attenuation: 20dB/40dB

Basic function
Frequency range 0.2Hz/2Hz/20Hz/200Hz/2kHz/20kHz/200kHz /2MHz
Amplitude (2Vp-p~20Vp-p) ±20%
Output signal impedance 50Ω
Attenuation 20dB/40dB
Duty cycle 20%~80% (±10%)
Displaying 5 digits LED frequency display and 3 digits LED amplitude display synchronously
Sine wave Distortion<2%
Triangle wave Linearity>99%
Square wave Rise edge tines /fall edge times<100nS
Time base Symmetry frequency: 12MHz, frequency stability: ±5×10-5
Signal frequency stability 0.1%/Minute
Measurement error 0.5%
Dimension 270 mm×215 mm×100mm
Weight Approx:1.6kg
Power 220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz±5%

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