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5.5KW VFD Spindle Controller (KL-VFD55)

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5.5KW VFD Spindle Controller (KL-VFD55)

Product Description

This one is out of stock now, we use Vector Control CNC VFD Variable Frequency Drive Controller Inverter Converter 220V 5.5KW 7.5HP for Motor Speed Control GT-Series (220V, 5.5KW) KL-VFD55G to replace

1) Input: 220VAC ±15% 1 or 3 Phase ( R, S or R, T or S, T)   50/60Hzz

2) Output: 220VAC 3 Phase(U, V W) 5.5KW

3) Output Frequency: 0-400 Hz

4) Input Phase: 1 OR 3 phase

5) Output Phase: 3 phase  ,

6) 5.5KW, 7.6HP, 220VAC, 25A

7) Size: 6.6 x 6 x 8.6 in

8) Manufacture Warranty: 1 year

VFD Parameter set:

VFD Parameter set:

PD000=0 for Parameter unlock ( 1 ) for Parameter Lock

PD001=0 (1 For Remote Control)

PD002=0 ( 1 For 0-10v Terminal Control or Remote Trim Pot Control ) ( J1 Also Needs to be set for Terminal Control )

PD003=400 or 300 depends on the Spindle frequency

PD004=400 or 300 depends on the Spindle frequency

PD005=400 or 300 depends on the Spindle frequency


PD008=220 (Motor Rated Voltage, If you have 120v spindle then set to 120v )



PD011=220 ( 100 Minimum Setting with Quality VFD, 120 is Safe)

PD13= 08 is for Factory reset, Only use this to set VFD to Factory Default Settings

PD014 Acceleration=12 ( Adjust to suit)

PD015 Deceleration=12 (Adjust to suit) ( PD15 is ignored IF PD26=1 Then the Spindle will Coast to a Stop)

PD141=120 ( Motor Rated Voltage ) (120 for VFD Rated for 120v )

PD142= ( Motor Max Amps)

PD142=( 220vSet for your motor Amp Rating 2.2Kw Spindle 9 amp )
PD142=( 220VSet for your motor Amp Rating 1.5Kw Spindle 7 amp )
PD142=( 220v Set for your motor Amps Rating 800w Spindle 4 amps )
PD142=( 120v Set for your motor Amp Rating 800w Spindle 7 amp )

PD143=2 ( Motor Number of Poles)

PD144=3000 (Max Motor RPM) =3,000= (24,000)

PD70=0 ( This may need to be set to 1 if Control Voltage is 0-5v )

PD72=400 or 300 depends on the Spindle frequency

PD73=120 ( 100 Minimum Setting )

Connect "R" and "T" (at the inverter) to the single phase power supply. You could also connect "R" and "S" or "S" and "T". Both ways are ok.
If your motor is 0-60Hz, then you need to change the above "400" values to "60”. The original factory value setting is "50", so it must be changed if you are not using 50Hz power.

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