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3-Axis NEMA42 CNC Kit (2830 oz-in/KL2283) with 6 Axis C11 Breakout Board

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Our 3 axis NEMA42 stepper motor kits are powerful foundations around which to build powerful machines.



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3-Axis NEMA42 CNC Kit (2830 oz-in/KL2283) with 6 Axis C11 Breakout Board

Product Description

NEMA42 2830 oz-in Stepper Motors 3 Axis CNC Kit

  • (3) PCS KL-2283, 110VAC or 220VAC , 8.3A Bipolar Driver
  • (3) PCS NEMA42-2830 oz-in Stepper Motors
  • (1) C11 – 6 axis, Multifunction CNC Breakout Board with Relay and Spindle Control             C11 Breakout Board
  • (1) PCS 5V Power Supply for Breakout Board

You can update to a USB or Ethernet Connection

KL11080Wiring (6541)

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