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CNC 3040T Router Engraver/Engraving Drilling and Milling Machine USB Connection

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CNC 3040T Router Engraver/Engraving Drilling and Milling Machine USB Connection

Product Description

you can come to our show room to check the machine.

USA Tech Support (847-882-2208)

1× New CNC 3040T Router Engraving machine

1× Control box with USB UC100 Connection,  work with Window 32 bit or 64 bits

Mach3 USB UC100

if you need a mach3 software license , pls check here

1× Power cable
1× Tool box and tools

DC Hobby Spindle

Machine Specification;

Driving Unit: X/Y/Z axis:1204 trapezoidal screws
Chrome plate shaft
Maximum speed: 0- 200 inch / min
Carving speed: 120 inch /min
Structure: 6061/6063 Aluminum alloy
Carving Deepth: 2.16 inch
Repeat accuracy: 0.002
Stepping motor: Two-phase 1.8A
X,Y,Z Working Area: 15.4 inch (X) x 11.2 inch (Y)  x 2.16 inch(Z)
Table size: 15.35 inch  x 11.2 inch 
Dimension: 24.0 inch x 19.1 x 15.6 inch

Machine weight: 28KG

Control box: Operating Voltage: AC110V, 50/60hz
Control Unit: 1.8A stepping motor driver & adjustable spindle speed controller

Command code:G code
Acceptable Software:Mach3 , window 10, 8, 7, XP, home
Protection:Emergency stop button

you can update to TinyG

Software to use for TinyG

Video ( Examples):

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