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4-Axis NEMA23 350oz in 60VDC/20A PSU G320X Gecko Driver

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Capable of extremely smooth, extremely precise motion control - this powerful servo motion control kit can really perform.



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4-Axis NEMA23 350oz in 60VDC/20A PSU G320X Gecko Driver

Product Description

NEMA23 Servo Motors 4 Axis CNC Kit (115V /230VAC):

4 PCS Geckodriver G320X, 80V/20A

4 PCS KL23-130-60 (NEMA23) Dual Shaft, 350 oz-in Peak 60V/20A

4 PCS CUI AMT102-V KIT Encoder Individually Packaged Shaft-Mount Encoder with latching connector, Installation Tool + 4 PCS 6 feet CABLE SHLD LATCH 5PIN 24AWG

1 PCS KL- 6020: Unregulated Power Supply 60VDC/20A , Input:
120VAC or 230VAC

1 PCS C11 Breakout board which you can connect with E-Stop or Limit
Switch ( You can update to other Breakout board, pls let us know)

Wiring Diagram
NEMA23DCServoMotorwiring (4146)

You can update to USB or Ethernet Board:

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