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NEMA23 4-Axis CNC Kit (48V/12.5A 570oz-in KL-5056D) (110V/220VAC)

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Our 4-axis stepper motor kit is the perfect motion control base for your computer controlled device. This kit contains everything you need for four axis of motion.



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NEMA23 4-Axis CNC Kit (48V/12.5A 570oz-in KL-5056D) (110V/220VAC)

Product Description

NEMA23 4-Axis CNC Kit with KL-5056 Bipolar Driver, 48V/12.5A Power Supply (110V/220VAC)
(4) 570 oz-in stepping motors, NEMA23, KL23H2100-50-4B (3/8” Dual shaft with a flat)
(4) KL-5056D Digital Stepper Drivers (5.6Amp 24-50 Volts, 1-1/256 microstep driver)
(1) KL-600-48: 48VDC /12 .5A Power Supply 110VAC/220VAC ( Black one)
(1) C10 Breakout board ( You can wire E-Stop, limit Switch, etc)
(1) 5V power supply, 110VAC/220VAC
You can update to a USB or ESS board

Wiring Diagram & Downloads
KL-5056DWiringC10 (10307)
Mach3 set up for kit and machine, Download here
Mach3 Setup (Mach3Mill.xml file) (8984)
Mach3setup (12645)
Mach3Tutorial (192816)

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