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BT30 Belt Drive Spindle Kit

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BT30 Belt Drive Spindle Kit

Product Description

Taper BT30
Speed 6000rpm
OD 90mm
Power 2.2KW
Driver Belt drive
Application Milling
Lubrication Oil Grease
Input Voltage 220VAC

This is a full set. It concludes:

  1. BT30 Belt Driving Spindle
  2. Spindle Bracket
  3. Pneumatic Cylinder
  4. Pneumatic Cylinder Frame
  5. 2.2kw Spindle Motor
  6. 2.2kw 220V Driver (Single phase)
  7. Spindle Pulley (45 Teeth)
  8. Belt (525mm OR 720mm)

Bt30 spindle has  auto tool change, it has a pull stud clamp inside (it is 3-claw)

For the  tool release, BT30 spindle works with pneumatic air cylinder, the air station gives 6-7 bar pressure to pneumatic air cylinder, the pneumatic cylinder travels to push the spindle

The spindle motor has bulit-in encoder, it can be indexed / oriented to an angle.


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One year parts warranty

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