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6-Axis CNC Control System CSMIO/IP-S Board with simCNC Software

6-Axis CNC Control System CSMIO/IP-S Board with simCNC Software

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6-Axis CNC Control System CSMIO/IP-S Board with simCNC Software

Product Description

In the CSMIO/IP-S package you will get:

  • CNC CSMIO/IP-S Controller
  • 2xDB25 -> Terminal Block adapter
  • 2xDB25 + 1xDB9 -> Terminal Block adapter
  • Ethernet connection wire
  • 4xDB25 ribbon wire
  • DB9 connection tape
  • 1x 3 pin power plug

Main & Special Features


6 axis

Number of axes             6
Digital inputs number


Digital outputs number


Relay outputs number


Analog inputs number


Analog outputs number


Supply voltage

24VDC +/-10%

Power consumption


Maximum voltage on
in/out lines


Maximum load of output line


Voltage range of analog inputs


Maximum load of analog outputs


Axis’ drivers control type

Step/Direction    (STEP/DIR)  

Maximum frequency of STEP
signal (Mach3/simCNC, Mach4)

 4MHz /8MHz

STEP signal duty cycle


PC connection type

 Ethernet 10/100Mb

Ambient temperature range

0oC to +60oC

Relative humidity
(without condensation)

10% – 95%

CSMIO-MPG module support icon-yes
CSMIO-IO module support icon-yes
CSMIO-ENC module support icon-yes
Backlash compensation icon-yes
Homing on INDEX icon-yes
Slave axes icon-yes
THC analog mode icon-yes
Spindle axis icon-yes
#G32# threading icon-yes
Closed Loop Spindle Control icon-yes
Feedback icon-no
  • Step/dir signal – after the first run of a CNC machine equipped with the CSMIO/IP-S controller you will notice how smooth and precise is the work of your motors. It’s thanks to high-quality step/dir signal and data buffer which stores a small part of trajectory sent by control software (simCNC, Mach3, Mach4).
  • Data buffer – the mentioned trajectory buffer provides uninterrupted operation of a CNC machine, even in case of temporary problems with network connection or software control.
  • Slave axis support – up to 3 slave axes support with gantry geometry correction.
  • Safety system – the significant advantage of the CSMIO/IP-S controller, is its safety system. It constantly watches over the safety of a user and a machine. It consists of many independent algorithms and watchdogs which react very fast in case of forbidden or alarm situations. RESET support for axis drives. Support of FAULT signals from servo drives (immediate stop of a machine in case of any axis accident).
  • Solid aluminum housing, which dissipates heat and protects electronic circuits very well. Readable led controls on a front panel which makes it easier to install and simplify diagnostics in case of any problems with switches or other external devices that cooperate with the CSMIO/IP-S.
  • Macros – you can control all digital and analog signals using Visual Basic (Mach3), Lua (Mach4), Python (simCNC) macros.
  • Industry standard – CSMIO/IP-S controller is adapted to worldwide standards applied by servo and stepper drives manufacturers, including:
    • step/dir outputs supported by differential line transmitters DS26C31 (RS422 standard compliant)
    • opto-isolated 24VDC digital outputs supported by specialized systems with protection against short-circuit and overload.
    • opto-isolated 24VDC digital inputs
    • 0-10V analog inputs used to connect potentiometers of spindle rotation speed correction and axis feed rate.
    • 0-10V analog outputs used, i.e., for VFD control.

Expansion modules

You can extend CSMIO/IP-S features using the additional expansion modules:

  • CSMIO-ENC – the module provides threading capability with encoder, rigid tapping
  • CSMIO-MPG – module for manual axes operation using handwheel encoder. Very smooth control of machine motion, automatic switching between speed and position modes.
  • CSMIO-IO – module of additional 16 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs (24V, opto-isolation, overload protection). You can use up to 16 of these modules.

The housing of the CSMIO/IP-S controller and all the expansion modules is adapted to DIN 35mm rail mounting.

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