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Brushless motor controller  BLDH-750R

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Brushless motor controller  BLDH-750R

Product Description

Support 100V~250VAC voltage range

750w Brushless motor controller

Support Modbus communication protocol can be controlled by touch screen or PC

Built-in RV Speed Setting

External Potentiometer Speed Setting

External analog signal Speed Setting

Pulse frequency and PWM Speed Setting

Open/ Closedloop Control

3 Seconds waiting time for locked-rotor

Electrical Parameters:

Driver parameter Min. Rated value Max.
Input voltage AC (V) 100 220 250
Phase Current Peak (A) 9
Motor rotate speed (rpm) 100①

Environmental Indicators

Environment factors Environment indicators
Heat Sinking Method Natural cooling or fan-forced cooling
Atmosphere Avoid dust, oily mist and corrosive air
Operating Temperature -30C~+55C
Storage Temperature -35C~+70C

Manual & Download

BLDH-750R (35 downloads)






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