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BLDC Motor Driver BLD-300B

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BLDC Motor Driver BLD-300B

Product Description

The BLD-300B BLDC driver is a high-performance three phase BLDC motor controller  This product is specifically designed for low-voltage, medium-power 3 phase Brushless DC motors. The motor driver is designed with a cost-effective solution. It is an ideal 48V BLDC motor controller for controlling BLDC motors of 48V 440W, or a 24V 300W. With its efficient and reliable design, the BLD-300B motor driver is a top-of-the-line solution for anyone looking for a high-performance 3 phase Brushless DC motor driver at an affordable price.

Electrical Parameters:

Parameter Min Typical Max Unit
Input Voltage 12 48 56 VDC
Output Current - - 15 A
Motor Speed 0 - 20000 RPM
Hall Signal Voltage - - 5 V
Hall Drive Current 12 - - mA
External Speed Potentiometer - 10 -

Manual & Download

BLD-300B (24 downloads)


48v bldc motor controller circuit diagram

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