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NEW-Carve CNC 4545

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NEW-Carve CNC 4545

Product Description

4545 including a router, Spindle mount 80mm,
Wiring kit for 4545

30 days leadtime


-4.5" clearence under X carriage

-15mm square linear bearings on X and Y axis

-12mm diameter precision leadscrews on X and Y

-All brass anti-backlash nuts and they are adjustable for a long life

-All plates from 1/2" thick 6061T6 aluminum,  precision machined

-C-beam X axis 3" x 2.5"

-1" x 3" real American extrusion Y axis

-Rigid motors mount made from 6061T6 aluminum,  not a printed parts!

-Direct drive leadscrews, no slipping belts!

-6" wide front plate for a large range of spindle mount

-Now you can easily mount an industrial spindle like a 2.2Kw

-Heavy Duty home switches included

-X and Y cables chains included

-Base frame made from 2040 aluminum extrusion *You need to provided the MDF waste boar


-2x Y axis assemblies

-1x X axis assembly

-1x Z axis

-4x Flexibles couplings for 1/4" diameter shaft

-X, Y and Z Heavy Duty home switches

-X and Y cables chains

-Base frame

-All needed fastners

Not included:

-MDF waste board, we provide the drawing

-Electronics, wirings ... , you can use any GRBL based controller

You can add these items

3pcs  stepper Motors:
3pcs Stepper Driver:
1pcs 48VDC/12.5A Power supply:
1pcs USB UC100
1pcs VFD and spindle:

One Year Parts Warranty

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