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BT30 Belt Drive Spindle Kit

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BT30 Belt Drive Spindle Kit

Product Description

Taper BT30
Speed 6000rpm
OD 90mm/100mm
Power 2.2KW/3.7KW
Driver Belt drive
Application Milling
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Lubrication Oil Grease

This is a full set. It concludes:

Spindle BT30 Belt Driven Spindle/6000
Pneumatic cylinder
Belt: 780mm
220V Driver:  Single Phase rated power 2.2KW

220V Driver: Three Phase rated power 3.7KW

Motor pulley
Manual in English

Bt30 spindle has  auto tool change, it has a pull stud clamp inside (it is 3-claw)

For the  tool release , BT30 spindle works with pneumatic air cylinder, the air station gives 6-7 bar pressure to pneumatic air cylinder, the pneumatic cylinder travels to push the spindle

Motor has Bulit-in encoder, it can be indexed / oriented to an angle.

BT30 ATC Belt Spindle Kit (207 downloads)

One year parts warranty

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