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EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit with Mach4, 750W, 3 Axis, 220VAC

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EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit with Mach4, 750W, 3 Axis, 220VAC

Product Description


EtherCAT Servo Motor Control System with Mach4, 750W, 3 Axis

You can add a AC EtherCAT Servo Motor, Driver, Cable for 4 , 5 6, more axis

No Power Supply, No Breakout Board are needed,  Easy to wire

Check the Link to See Video

EtherCAT Video for Maho CNC Conversion from Tony (65)

EtherCAT Video (365)

Following Items  are included:

-- 1 Pcs Rebuilt Computer with 19 inch Monitor: 8GB of RAM,  500 GB Hard Drive, Windows 10 Pro x64 with One Year Warranty, If you need a brand new Computer, We can update to a new Industrial Computer for you. (Industrial Intel Coffee Lake Mini-ITX Computer MC510-50, It takes 2 additional weeks to get from https://www.onlogic.com/)

-- 1 Pcs Mach4 CNC EtherCAT Software, License ( You can choose different Mach4 Screen) from Artsoft software

-- 1 Pcs Kingstar’s RTX64 Runtime License and KINGSTAR EtherCAT  License ( You do not need any Breakout Board, Ethernet board any more) from KINGSTAR

--3 Pcs EtherCAT Servo Motors  750W

Model Number: 750W ELM2H-0750LA80F

-- 3 Pcs EtherCAT Servo Driver

Model Number: EL7-EC750F 

-- 3 Pcs Cable-7BMA5M0-Z "5-Meter encoder cable with battery"

-- 3 Pcs CABLE-RZ5M0-S - 5-Meter power cable

EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit, 750W 220VAC (750W EtherCAT kits with 5meter cable)

If you  need 3 Meter cable, pls let me know. (Cable-7BMA3M0-Z "3-Meter encoder cable

with battery" ,  CABLE-RZ3M0-S - 3-Meter power cable)

-- 3 Pcs Proximity Switch with 1.5 Meter Cable

Inductive Proximity Switch,NPN

-- 1 Pcs E - Stop with 1.5 Meter Cable

E-stop Switch

-- 1PCS 12Vdv Power Supply for the limit switch

Switching Power 12V/5A 110V/220VAC

We can configure 4 Axis, 5 Axis, 6 Axis ..... to N axis

We can change from 1.5-meter cable to other Length as you need


EtherCAT 750W AC Servo Motor Drawing (460 downloads)

EtherCAT Servo Driver User Manual (1258 downloads)

750W EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit Wiring Diagram (622 downloads)

XML File for EtherCAT Servo Driver (580 downloads)



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