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Proma Myplasma Controller-THC Torch Height Control

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Proma Myplasma Controller-THC Torch Height Control

Product Description



MyPlasma CNC Controller,  THC torch height control - Free software

Following items are included:

USB controller, plasma interface, and a USB cable

Basic functions of the program / Controller:

  1. Max range of the machine: No restrictions
  2. The minimum pulse width Step Auto
  3. STEP signal max frequency: 350kHz
  4. Integrated height adjuster THC: Yes
  5. Function anti-dive burner: Yes
  6. Detection of material: Yes Touch / Floating head
  7. Operation Collision Sensor: YES
  8. Types of accepted files: DXF, PLT (HPGL), G-codes (.tap)
  9. Integrated CAM: Yes, CAM MyMini
  10. Wen automatic object recognition. Ext. : YES
  11. Analysis of the path ahead: YES
  12. Base cutting parameters: YES
  13. Correction angle to the material design: YES
  14. Operation using GamePad controller: YES
  15. Can be cut from anywhere: YES
  16. Can be cut from the end: YES
  17. Supported Controllers CNC: CNC MyPlasm
  18. Operation controllers and motherboards from other manufacturers: NO
  19. Ability to work through the LPT port: NO
  20. Import DXF, PLT or G-CODES
  21. Automatic generation of offset paths, entrances and departures
  22. The program can be used with an external CAM program
  23. Separate speeds hole
  24. base parameters
  25. Correction of the project to the angle of the material
  26. Soft and Hardware Limits
  27. Functions THC antynurkowania
  28. Możliwaość Game Control Pad
  29. Detection of material through the touch system, a floating head or both.

Installation Manual :

Click for Installation Manual

Wiring Diagram:

Proma MyPlasma Controller Wiring Diagram (1015 downloads)

Download Software and Instructions:

Click to Download Software


Click to Check the Video

**If software shows "Connection Error": first check if the power supply is 24V. If yes, hold SHIFT key and "Click to Rest" in software for updating the firmware.**

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