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G0704 Belt Drive Conversion Kit

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G0704 Belt Drive Conversion Kit

Product Description

MINIPRO G0704 Belt Drive Conversion Kit:


Important: Motor’s shaft diameter must be 14mm for this kit to work. This kit is  for G0704 with 14mm Pulley.

If you have any questions about the compatibility of your machine, please contact us.  

This kit offers higher spindle speeds on your G0704 mill with a quiet and smooth operation. This kit maintains the quill function for those quick "drill press" jobs. No more broken intermediate gears. No more gear noise. Everything is bolt on, and can be installed inside an hour.

- Offers 0-2800 RPM Low Speed and 0-4000 RPM in High
- Works with both CNC and manual mills
- Replace broken plastic intermediate gears
- Smooth, quiet operation
- Installs inside an hour

Similar Installation Manual   BF20-BDK-Installation-Instruction (970 downloads)

The bearings are not included because you can re-use them from the machine if he wants. All the parts necessary to convert the mill to belt drive.

It is very clear if you review the manual.

It will work with Following machine if the machine has 14mm Pulley.

  • Titan TM20
  • King KC-20VS
  • Precision Matthews PM20MV
  • HBM BF25
  • Bernardo KF25

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