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CNC Router 3 Axis KL-6090 Desktop (24 x 36 inch)

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CNC Router 3 Axis KL-6090 Desktop (24 x 36 inch)

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3 Axis KL-6090 Desktop CNC Router, (24 x 36 x 8 inch), Stocked in Chicago Warehouse

You can check and pick up or see it before you buy

It has Stepper Motor and Driver, Breakout Board and works with  Mach3 or Mach4, UCCNC

This machine has DB25 connection originally, you can select UC100 for USB Connection, or select ethernet box for Ethernet Connection. You can change to Acorn Board easily

We can add a Rotational 4 axis too

4 Axis with Head stock, Tail Stock, and Integrated Stepper Motor, 100 mm

KL-5056E Digital Stepper Driver-32 bit DSP Based

It has Spindle and Relay Control.

Assembled, Tested, Ready to Run

USA Tech Support: 847-984-0882

1: You can run the router at 110VAc  with a step-up transformer, it is not included

2: Brand New CNC Router Engraving Machine with 2.2KW(3HP) Water Spindle + 2.2KW 400Hz Variable Frequency Drive, 6000-24000 RPM

ER20 Collet Chuck

Working Area (X*Y*Z): 600 X 900 X 200 mm (about 24 x 36 x 8 inch)

Resolution: about 0.05 mm

X, Y, Z Repeatability: 0.02 mm

Spindle rotating speed: 8000-24000 rpm/min

Max Moving Speed: 8000mm/min

Working speed: 0-6000mm/min

Hiwin Linear Block for X, Y, Z axis, High Precision

Max. Power consumption: 3.0KW

NEMA 34  Stepper Motor and Driver, 495 oz-in

Z Height Probe

Certificate: CE

Pack dimensions: 1400mm X 1750mm X 1600mm wooden box (55" x 68" x 63")

Net weight: 230KG

1: if you need us to help you to set up the machine, do Mach3 Training, add the training fee: $200

Start Up Procedure:

KL-Series CNC Manual (5136 downloads)

KL-6090wiring (2280 downloads)

Breakoutboard Wiring and Mach3 Setup (1843 downloads)

You can add mach3, Mach4 or Computer

Fully Licensed Mach3 (Authorized), Email you license file

Fully Licensed versions of Mach4, Email you the license.

I5 CNC Computer with 19" monitor, Refurbished

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