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Proma Compact THC 150

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Proma Compact THC 150

Product Description

Proma Compact THC 150:

The most popular, very simple plasma torch height controller with relay outputs.

It works perfectly in cooperation with the Mach3 program.

Based on the analysis of the plasma arc voltage and the set voltage, it issues Up / Down

signals, which the  control software program uses during cutting to control the Z axis in real chat to maintain a constant height above the material being cut.

product specification:

  • Model: Compact THC 150
  • Relay outputs: Up / Down / ARC
  • Step/Dir Outputs : No
  • Supply voltage: 7-35V DC
  • Measuring range : 30-300V DC (1000VDC)
  • HV/HF separator : Yes
  • Built-in voltage divider: Yes 1:50

Compact THC Controller 150 Manual Download:

Compact THC Controller 150 (460 downloads)

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