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3-Axis NEMA34 CNC Kit (72V/20A/1200oz-in / KL8060 Driver)

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Our 3 axis NEMA34 stepper motor kits are powerful foundations around which to build powerful machines.



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3-Axis NEMA34 CNC Kit (72V/20A/1200oz-in / KL8060 Driver)

Product Description

NEMA34 1200 oz-in Stepper Motors 3 Axis CNC Kit (110VAC/220VAC):

(3) KL-8060  Driver, 24- 80VDC, 6.0A Bipolar Driver

(3) NEMA34 -1200 oz-in Stepper Motor, KL34H2120-42-8A or KL34H2120-42-8B

(1) KL-7220, 72V(No load), Max 20A,Unregulated Power Supply, 110VAC/220VAC

(1) C10 Breakout board, E-Stop or Limit Switch can be wired, you can update to C11G CNC Board or other board

(1) 5V Power Supply for Breakout Board 110VAC/220VAC

You can add a  USB or Ethernet Board:

Wiring Diagram & Downloads

Motor wires may be different

KL34H2120-42-8B (439 downloads)
KL34H2120-42-8A (4511 downloads)


MX3660 Wiring Diagram (508 downloads)

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