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The Controller is assembled and tested with Mach3 software. it will work for sure for your machine

Digital Stepper Control Box and  X and Y , Z  Stepper Motor.

1: Controller Box:

Aluminum Box (up to 6 axis) (Aluminum Box without Connectors)

2: 2/3/4 pcs KL-5056E Bipolar Digital Stepper Drivers, 50V, 5.6A for X, Y Motors

KL-5056E Digital Stepper Driver:

3: 1 pc 48V/12.5A Power Supply, 115V/230V

48V/12.5A Power Supply, 115V/230V

4: 1pc CNC 6-Axis Interface Breakout Board with Relay and Spindle control

6-Axis Interface Breakout Board with Relay and Spindle control, KL-DB25-6

5: Ethernet Board:

Mach3 or Mach4 Ethernet board

6: 1 pcs  Fan

110 VAC Box Fan

7: 1pcs 24V and  5V Power Supply 110-230VAC

24V 1A Switch Power Supply with 5V/2A

8: Power cord

9: 2/3/4 pcs Stepper Motors, 570 oz-in, 5A, 3/8″ Shaft, or 1/4″ Shaft

3/8” Shaft X, Y Stepper Motor


1/4” Shaft X, Y Stepper Motor

G0704 Controller Wiring Diagram for Reference:

G0704 CNC kits Wiring Diagram (96 downloads)

Spindle Setup

Spindle Control C11G+ESS+G0704 (51 downloads)

One Year Warranty