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This system is assembled and tested. It is ready to run.

We can also update the system to NEMA34 stepper motor or change the shaft size of stepper motor

Please contact us if you need.

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Product Included:

  1.  1 pc DDCS Motion Controller with MPG
  2.  2/3/4 pcs KL23H2100-50-4BC Stepper Motor, 12 ft cable
  3.  2/3/4 pcs KL-5056E Digital Stepper Motor Driver
  4. 2/3/4 pcs Inductive Proximity Switch, NPN (extend to 12 ft cable)
  5.  1 pc 48V/12.5A Switching Power Supply
  6.  1 pc 24V/2A Switching Power Supply
  7.  1pc Aluminum Box
  8.  1pc Power Code & USB Extension Cable.


The DDCS  numerical control system adopts the ARM+FPGA design framework. The ARM can finish the part of human-computer interface and code analysis and the FPGA can finish the part of underlying algorithm and control pulse generate, with the reasonable design, reliable control and easy operation.

The panel layout structure of DDCS is rational. The common off-line operation can be finished only by 17 keys and it supports the FANUC with high universality to be compatible with G code set. This specification introduces the operation method of caving machine’s special off-line CNC system, DDCS and the machine tool connection as well as operation specification. By lots of graphical representation and examples, the uses can quickly learn to use the DDCS CNC system.

Testing Videos:

System instructions:


DDCS User Manual (579 downloads) DDCS Motion Controller Wiring Diagram (694 downloads)