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4 Axis EtherCAT NEMA34 CNC Control System with Mach4

We worked with Newfangled Solutions and KINGSTAR, built this new CNC EtherCAT Motion Control System. It is fully pre-wired, tested and configured with Computer. So you do not need any Breakout Board, Ethernet board. You do not need to wire them any more.

Following items are included:

— 1 Pcs Rebuilt Computer with 19 inch Monitor: 8GB of RAM,  500 GB Hard Drive, Windows 10 Pro x64

— 1 Pcs Mach4 CNC EtherCAT Software, License ( You can choose different Mach4 Screen) from Artsoft software

— 1 Pcs Kingstar’s RTX64 Runtime License and KINGSTAR EtherCAT  License ( You do not need any Breakout Board, Ethernet board any more) from KINGSTAR

— 4 Pcs EtherCAT Stepper Driver KL-8082E-C with 1.5 Meter Cable

— 4 Pcs NEMA34 Stepper Motor 1200 oz/in 6A  KL34H2120-60-4A

We can change from 1.5-meter cable to other Length as you need