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A simple and standalone Plasma CNC Controller with fully integrated hardware and software specially designed to run CNC machines independently of a PC. No need to worry about installing drivers or motion cards, just wire the MASSO to your motor drives and enter calibration values to start machining. External Torch Height Control (THC) allows MASSO to control the Z axis automatically in THC mode.

Built-in WiFi Connectivity– MASSO G3 comes with Wi-Fi hardware and software to easily transfer gcodes files to the machine and monitor machine/job status wireless .

We will email you a 5 axis license file for 3 or 4 o5 axis. Price is same now

MASSO features:

  • 4 times faster then Generation 2 controllers.
  • 4 USB ports to directly connect keyboard, mouse, touchscreen and pen drive without a need of USB hub.
  • 24 Isolated Inputs
  • 18 Outputs
  • 2 Analog (12 bit) inputs
  • Step & Direction signals for stepper or servo drives
  • Direct spindle control with 0-10 volts, CW, CCW & PWM
  • MPG handwheel dial support

Options not available or different as compared to MASSO Gen 2
• 24 Inputs.
• 3 Encoder inputs.
• 18 Outputs with reverse polarity protection.
• 1 estop Output with reverse polarity protection.
• No relay driver outputs as a lot of clients were damaging controllers due to wrong setup/wiring.
• No Serial and RS485/MODBUS.


Wiring Diagram:

MASSO G3 Wiring Diagram (1033 downloads)

Installing MASSO

Current Software Versions

Machining with MASSO

Testing video:

Testing with 3 Axis Stepper Motor

Testing with 2.2KW Spindle

Loading software on MASSO G3: