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6 Axis Ethernet/USB CNC Breakout Board PLCM-E3 & PLCM-B1 for PUMOTIX and MACH3

This product include the motion control board PLCM-E3 and its expansion board PLCM-B1, the board provide both USB and Ethernet connection for Mach3 or PUMOTIX.

PUMOTIX is a new generation of software to control CNC machines, check the link for more details and download PUMOTIX:

PUMOTIX Software.


1: PLCM-E3 Motion Control Board

  • 36 outputs + 15 inputs (up to 6 axes connection to a CNC machine).
  • All inputs and outputs are buffered.
  • For drivers connection can be used expansion boards of PLCM-B1.

2: PLCM-B1 Expansion Board

  • Expansion board for PLCM-E3.
  • up to 6 axis (STEP, DIR, ENABLE).
  • 6 high-current relays.
  • 16 outputs and 15 inputs (all optoisolated).
  • Has isolation interface RS485 for inverter connection.
  • Accurate revolution controlling.
  • PWM->V converter.