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AC 220V, No Power Supply, No Breakout Board,  Easy to wire

EtherCAT Servo Driver: EL7-EC750F and EtherCAT Servo Motors ELM2H-0750LA80F

Following items are included:

— 1 Pc EtherCAT Servo Motors  750W

Model Number: 750W  ELM2H-0750LA80F

Motor Specification:

Rated Voltage: 220VAC

Rated Power: 750W

Rated Torque: 2.4 (N.m)

Peak Torque: 8.36 (N.m)

Rated Speed: 3000 RPM

Peak Speed: 6500 RPM

Rated Current: 5.1Amp

Peak Current: 17.8 Amp

Torque Const: 0.465 (N.m/Amp)

Back EMP Const: 28.8 ( V/Krpm)

Resistance: 1.0 Ohm

Inertia(kg*m2*10-4): 1.56

Inductance: 5.8 mH

Poles: 10

Encoder Type: 23 Bit absolute

Protection Level: IP65

— 1 Pc EtherCAT Servo Driver: EL7-EC750F

EL7 220V Series AC servo products are high performance AC digital servo which is designed for high accuracy position/velocity/torque control with power rating ranging from 400W up to 2kW which provides a perfect solution for different applications with easy tuning process.

Model Number: EL7-EC750F

Model EL7-EC750F
Input Voltage 220VAC   1ph
Rated Power (W) 750
Rated Current (Arms) 5.5
Peak Current (Arms) 16.5
Command Source EtherCAT

If you would like to order the Servo Motor Control kit with cable, following cables are included.

You can choose either 5 Meter or 3 Meter length:

— 1 Pc Cable-7BMA5M0-Z “5-Meter encoder cable with battery”

— 1 Pc Cable-RZ5M0-S – 5-Meter power cable


1 Pc Cable-7BMA3M0-Z “3-Meter encoder cable with battery” ,

1 Pc Cable-RZ3M0-S – 3-Meter power cable

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