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Acorn Plasma CNC control kits are both a CNC Hardware and CNC Software DIY system designed to work together for easy CNC setup and operation with minimal fuss.

A reliable, high performance, industrial quality Plasma CNC controller with a real time closed loop Torch Height Control at a do-it-yourself price. Acorn utilizes an integrated 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8 Motion Control CPU and communicates with CNCPC via a fast and reliable Ethernet connection. The Acorn CNC control board controls a wide variety of axis motors and drives with industry standard step and direction command signal. Compatible with AC Servo motor drive packages as well as Stepper motor drives. The Acorn CNC controller runs on Centroid’s proven industrial quality CNC control software.

if you need need the Acorn Plasma CNC Control kits, you need to order following items:

Acorn CNC controller kit ( if you do not have it)+Centroid Acorn Torch Height Controller (THC) kit + Acorn Plasma “Pro” CNC Software license or Acorn Plasma “Ultimate” CNC12 Software license , CENTROID Wireless MPG CNC control pendant is a plus

1: Acorn CNC controller kit :
Centroid Acorn CNC controller kit (part # 14455) includes:
– Acorn CNC control board
– Acorn Plug and Play Relay Relay Module
– Dual power 5 VDC and 24 VDC logic power supply
(50/60 Hz 100-120 VAC OR 208-240 VAC input power)
– Logic power supply hookup leads
– 110 VAC power cord
– 15’ Shielded Ethernet cable
– Centroid CNC12 “Free” CNC Mill and Lathe software download
– Touch Screen Responsive Operator Controls

2: Centroid Acorn Torch Height Controller (THC) kit:
– THC TX control board
– THC RX control board
– 5′ Fiber Optic Cable ( TX to RX connection)
– 12″ Shielded Serial Cable M/F Straight ( RX-to-Acorn connection) Note: 18″ and 36″ can be purchased here
– Din Rail Mount 24 volt power supply


– Acorn CNC controller kit (Acorn requirements are here)
– A Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Cutter or Lincoln Flex Cut! (see FAQ’s below)
– An Acorn CNC12 Plasma Pro software license (purchase below)

3: Acorn Plasma “Pro” CNC Software license :

– Restart Mode, backup along part contour and start anywhere
– Torch Check
– Dry Run
– Material Profile Manager
– Smart Sense
– THC Anti Dive controls
– Plasma Smoothing
– Unlimited G-code file size
– 4th axis G-code moves
– Six WCS locations (G54 thru 59)
– All features of the CNC12 Free are included
After purchase, the License will be sent via E-mail
Each Acorn Software License is specific to a single Acorn board.
If you are purchasing a license for a previously ordered Acorn kit please email a fresh file to us.

4: Acorn Plasma “Ultimate” CNC12 Software license:
– Unlimited Plasma Intercon conversational programming (now available in beta)
– Includes both a “on the cnc control” copy and a offline “on any Windows PC” copy
– Unlimited Teach Mode
– USB Key allows running of Intercon Plasma on any Windows PC
– All features of the CNC12 Free and Pro are included
– Any future Plasma Features

5: CENTROID Wireless MPG CNC control pendant
Model: WMPG-4 for Acorn CNC equipped Plasma machines :

Take the control to where the work is! A game changing tool, the Centroid Wireless MPG handwheel CNC Control pendant allows the operator to conveniently and precisely set up jobs and tools remotely. No software or drivers to install. Plug and Play with Centroid CNC12 Pro CNC software, just plug in the included USB transmitter/receiver and start using it

• Use the MPG Wheel to Jog the machine for any kind of positioning.
• Smooth motion
• Sensitivity of the wheel detents are adjusted by the x1,x10,x100 selector.
• Use the MPG Wheel to control the cutting Feedrate on the fly.
• Use the MPG Wheel to control the Target Voltage on the fly.
• 4 axis DRO display
• 4 axis MPG and continuous jogging control
• Robust wireless communication
• No software drivers to install
• Hanger bracket mount w/ magnets
• Long range wireless
• Robust CENTROID developed drivers
• Takes 2 AA batteries, run time approximate 1 month
• USB Plug and Play Transmitter / Receiver
• Rubber case protector
• Tactile Feedback domed buttons w/ gold contacts
• High quality 3M Overlay

Pls check this Video: